Elements of Design

Alchimia adds a touch of magic and wonder to any room, pushing the boundaries of traditional interior design.

With these revolutionary design elements, semi-customized or bespoke,  designers and architects can create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also emotionally and spiritually fulfilling for their clients.

Alchimia offers unique and transformative elements of design created for luxury homes.

Crafted from natural and noble materials, they invisibly integrate technology for entertainment and relaxation.

Whether it is a renovation of an existing space or the construction of a new one, our design elements can be seamlessly integrated into any project. Our expert team can usually complete the installation process of a semi-custom element within a day, leaving you with a space that is truly magical.

The Alchimia Wall Element

The Alchimia Wall Element (AWE) invisibly incorporates display, sound and control technologies in a way that has never been done before.

With a simple touch on one of its side panels, an interface lights up behind the surface, offering options to control the display. From there, you can transform the natural material into a TV screen, while the sound plays from inside the panels. When not in use, the display conceals back into the surface, blending in perfectly with the surrounding décor and eliminating distractions or clutter.

The AWE can be customized to best suit the atmosphere of its future home and is available in semi-custom versions. You can select between an infinity of combinations to ensure the perfect fit.

The result is a design that not only enhances the functionality of your space but also elevates it to a new level of luxury and sophistication.

The Semi-custom AWE offers the choice between :

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(For professionals: Technical drawings and dwg files available on demand).

Alchimia Wall Element

The bespoke AWE will magically integrate your home above your fireplace, in the unique piece of art décor facing your bed, in the book-matched marble wall of your bathroom, or in the library of your main salon, or… In any room where technology may be required sometimes…. And sometimes not.

The AWE can be fully customized to meet the specific requirements of any project.

It includes all the options available in the semi-custom version, such as size, display, audio, and user interface, but with the added benefit of tailoring each option to the project’s exact needs.  

Furthermore, it offers a wide selection of slab-cut patterns that would magnify the stunning natural beauty of the chosen material.

Alchimia Control Element

Experience the ultimate magic user interface with the Alchimia Control Element (ACE).

Seamlessly integrating into any natural material in the room, such as a wooden panel, anelement of design crafted from natural stone, or even a marble wall, the ACE offers effortless control over lighting, temperature, music, displays, and more.You can imagine your ACE integrated into a wall, a coffee table, the surface of your bar, your bathroom, …anywhere you may need a control interface, without having to look for a remote control or a switch on the wall.

Simply approach your hand close to its surface, and the interface instantly lights up from behind the material, providing you with an enchanting control experience like no other. When not in use, the ACE magically disappears, blending into the natural material of the room and leaving you with an uninterrupted and luxurious atmosphere.

We will work with your team of designers to create a fully bespoke solution, including the natural material of your choice and a control interface tailored to your specific requirements.

Alchimia Immersive Sound Element

The Alchimia Immersive Sound Element (AISE) redefines luxury audio systems, providing a revolutionary way to experience music and sound.

This innovative audio solution can be seamlessly integrated behind any natural stone or wood, eliminating the need for unsightly speakers or wires.

The AISE emits sound through natural materials, creating an enchanting audio experience that cannot be located.

Whether you’re relaxing in your living room, hosting a party, or simply enjoying your favorite playlist, Alchimia Immersive Sound Element will provide you with an unparalleled audio experience that is truly exceptional.

This full-custom element includes the natural wood or stone panel and the audio system, providing a complete solution tailored to the design of your home.