Natural Materials

Elegance from Nature

At Alchimia, we believe that natural materials create the unique elegance and character every owner is seeking for their home interior. We also believe that technology should never disrupt the richness of wood and natural stones and such timeless beauty.

For our most demanding clients, we have made a curated selection of natural materials, with approximately hundreds of different wood, natural stones and marble types.

We offer here a non exhaustive selection of a few marbles and wood species, just as examples. The full catalog is available on demand.

New Bardiglio

Orobico Grigio

Nero Marquina

Arabesca White


White Lilac

Dark Grey Lati

Radiant Black

Planked Walnut

Light Oak

Xilo Noce


Appreciate the subtleties of nature’s craftsmanship through the artistry of different slab cuts:

Vein Cut

In this cut, the marble slab is cut along the natural veining of the stone. This highlights the linear patterns and veins in the marble, creating an elegant and classic look.

Cross Cut (Fleuri Cut)

Cross-cutting involves slicing the marble perpendicular to the natural veining. This results in a more uniform, speckled appearance, with circular or wavy patterns. It’s often used for a different visual effect than vein cutting.


Bookmatching is a technique where two adjoining slabs are cut and opened like a book to mirror each other. This creates a symmetrical pattern and is often used for decorative purposes, such as wall cladding or countertops.

Diamond Cut

This cut is achieved by using a diamond-bladed saw to create precise and intricate designs in the marble. Diamond cuts can be used for decorative inlays, medallions, or to create intricate patterns in flooring.