The Collection & Bespoke

Alchimia adds a touch of magic and wonder to any room, pushing the boundaries of traditional interior design.

Choose from our two distinctive offers: Bespoke Elements and The Collection.

With Bespoke Elements, embrace the luxury of fully customized elements meticulously crafted to fit your unique preferences, similar to haute couture in luxury fashion.

Alternatively, explore The Collection, offering a curated selection of pre-designed pieces of furniture for effortless integration into any interior design, providing both convenience and sophistication.

Whether it is a renovation of an existing space or the construction of a new one, Alchimia can be seamlessly integrated into any project. Our expert team can usually complete the installation process of The Collection within a day, leaving you with a truly magical space.

A curated selection of Alchimia Elements

Alchimia – The Collection is crafted for those who seek the perfect blend of invisible technology and unmatched aesthetic appeal in their spaces. Designed with the discerning client in mind, it simplifies the integration of cutting-edge technology into any environment, ensuring that elegance remains front and center.

This unique collection allows each client to create their personalized Alchimia experience. Choose from an array of pre-designed yet fully customizable pieces, from luxurious natural stone panels to sleek wood shelves. These pieces are built to meld seamlessly into your design, bringing both ease and refined elegance to any project. It’s about having your version of Alchimia, tailored to fit your space and style perfectly. Our elements from The Collection can include a variety of TV screens and speakers, responding to our clients’ diverse needs, making the ideal Alchimia for your space easier to achieve than ever.

For architects and interior designers, The Collection is a game-changer. It offers a handpicked selection of elements that complement any design, coupled with the convenience of 3D models ready for integration into design softwares. This not only streamlines the design process but also opens up new possibilities for innovation and creativity.

Designers are encouraged to download our models directly from this page. Each file will provide the 3D SketchUp model of the chosen element in different sizes and materials, allowing for perfect customization and integration into your projects.

If you need more information or wish to explore different versions of Alchimia – The Collection furniture, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re here to help you bring your vision to life, ensuring your Alchimia experience is as seamless and sophisticated as the technology it embraces.

For the most discerning clients seeking to integrate technology into their bespoke decor, Alchimia presents our Bespoke Elements.

Tailor-made for perfection, this version of Alchimia involves a close collaboration with architects and designers, ensuring technology not only serves its purpose but also complements the unique design and materials chosen by our clients. From displays and speakers to the magic UI, we seamlessly incorporate these elements into the custom designs envisioned by interior designers, guaranteeing a harmonious blend of artistry and innovation in every detail.

Alchimia Wall Element

The bespoke AWE features an invisible display (TV screen) designed to seamlessly integrate into your home. It can be placed above your fireplace, in the unique piece of art décor facing your bed, in the book-matched marble wall of your bathroom, or nestled in the library of your main salon, or… In any room where technology may be required sometimes…. And sometimes not.

Fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of any project, the AWE can be paired with the ACE and the AISE, providing a comprehensive solution that perfectly complements your project’s needs.

We offer a wide selection of slab-cut patterns to enhance the stunning natural beauty of the chosen material or to adapt the AWE to the material selected by our client, ensuring a flawless integration into any space.

Alchimia Control Element

Experience the ultimate magic user interface with the Alchimia Control Element (ACE).

Seamlessly integrating into any natural material in the room, such as a wooden panel, an element of design crafted from natural stone, or even a marble wall, the ACE offers effortless control over lighting, temperature, music, displays, and more.

You can imagine your ACE integrated into a wall, a coffee table, the surface of your bar, your bathroom, …anywhere you may need a control interface, without having to look for a remote control or a switch on the wall.

Simply approach your hand close to its surface, and the interface instantly lights up from behind the material, providing you with an enchanting control experience like no other. When not in use, the ACE magically disappears, blending into the natural material of the room and leaving you with an uninterrupted and luxurious atmosphere.

Alchimia Immersive Sound Element

The Alchimia Immersive Sound Element (AISE) redefines luxury audio systems, providing a revolutionary way to experience music and sound.

This innovative audio solution can be seamlessly integrated behind any natural stone or wood, eliminating the need for unsightly speakers or wires.

The AISE emits sound through natural materials, creating an enchanting audio experience that cannot be located.

Whether you’re relaxing in your living room, hosting a party, or simply enjoying your favorite playlist, Alchimia Immersive Sound Element will provide you with an unparalleled audio experience that is truly exceptional.

This full-custom element includes the natural wood or stone panel and the audio system, providing a complete solution tailored to the design of your home.