Alchimia at the Dubai Hospitality Innovation Summit: Transforming Hospitality Spaces with Technology


The Alchimia team recently showcased its innovative line of products at the prestigious Hospitality Innovation Summit held in Dubai. The event marked a significant milestone for Alchimia, as our design innovation received an overwhelmingly positive response from professionals in the hospitality sector.

During the summit, CEO Jeroen van den Hurk led a compelling conference highlighting how technology can revolutionize hospitality spaces and elevate guest experiences. His presentation captivated the audience of leading hospitality experts in the Middle East, emphasizing the transformative power of integrating technology into design.

What’s truly fascinating is how Alchimia embodies the convergence of ancient principles and modern technology. Drawing inspiration from Vitruvius’ principles of “firmitas, utilitas, and venustas”, combined with Leonardo da Vinci’s timeless wisdom that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” Alchimia represents a modern manifestation of ancient wisdom. By embracing these principles, Alchimia has pioneered the concept of Design Integration, redefining how technology is incorporated into interior design.

The success of Alchimia at the Dubai Hospitality Innovation Summit underscores its potential to shape the future of hospitality spaces. With its innovative approach and commitment to enhancing guest experiences, Alchimia is poised to continue making waves in the industry, setting new standards for design integration and technological innovation.

The video of the conference is available here :