Press Release / VBH Unveils Alchimia–The Collection: Merging Design and Technology for Innovative Interiors

Milan, Italy – 11th of April, 2024 – VBH introduces The Collection, an Alchimia pioneering line of furniture that seamlessly integrates technology into luxury design. Initially and successfully launched during the 2023 Milan Design Week at Masterly – The Dutch in Milano, the Alchimia concept has been crafted for demanding clients seeking both aesthetic perfection and functional innovation in luxury interiors.

Innovative Design Meets Invisible Technology

Alchimia offers a unique proposition: technology that is invisible unless activated, embedded in high-quality, natural materials like marble, wood, and ceramics. This approach allows for technology to be present without disrupting the aesthetic harmony of the space, offering professionals an elegant solution to incorporate modern conveniences into their designs without compromise.
Alchimia offers functionality without sacrificing aesthetics and stands at the intersection of functionality and luxury. It enables designers to integrate audio and visual technology in a way that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring technology enhances rather than intrudes upon the design.

Aesthetics, Customization and Convenience

Until now, Alchimia was only available in a bespoke version, where architects and designers would directly integrate Technology into tailored elements of design, making screens and speakers disappear into their beautiful designs. Starting today, Alchimia offers a new line of products called Alchimia – The Collection, a curated selection of pre-designed yet customizable furniture pieces, from natural stones panels to veneer wood shelves, that effortlessly integrate into any interior design, providing both convenience and sophistication.

Jeroen van den Hurk, CEO of VBH and founder of the Alchimia brand, explains “ Alchimia represents the next step in interior design, blending bespoke luxury and convenience. The flexibility of these two different offerings ensures that with Alchimia, architects and interior designers can meet the specific needs of any project, whether residential or hospitality, accordingly providing bespoke luxury with our Bespoke elements or streamlined convenience with The Collection.”

AI-Powered Design

Alchimia proudly stands as the first AI-powered furniture line in the industry. Moving beyond traditional uses of AI in design, Alchimia integrates AI to actively adapt and respond to its environment, offering dynamic and responsive design solutions. This innovation introduces a new level of sophistication and personalization in design.

About VBH

VBH is a leading provider of luxury technology solutions with an extensive portfolio of over 300 superyachts and almost 100 residences that showcase their expertise. For more than 50 years, VBH has been committed to integrating cutting-edge technology into luxury designs, creating unparalleled experiences for their clients.

VBH’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation extends to both land and sea, where we strive to create designs that establish a unique connection between space and its inhabitants, reflecting their values and lifestyles. Our mission is to provide our clients with the ultimate luxury experience, whether they are at home or out on the open water.

With the launch of Alchimia – The Collection, VBH continues to push the boundaries of design, offering new ways for professionals to create harmonious, technology-integrated spaces.