Alchimia to Debut at Milan Design Week with VBH’s Participation in Masterly

VBH, a leading company in luxury technology solutions for superyachts and residences, is proud to announce its participation in the Milan Design Week, showcasing its latest project, Alchimia. This groundbreaking innovation will be presented for the first time at Masterly – The Dutch in Milano, one of the most prestigious pavilions of the Salone del Mobile.

The event will take place from April 18th to 23rd, 2023, at Palazzo Giureconsulti, where the ground floor will be dedicated to showcasing design integration projects that speak of advanced technologies and innovative materials. Alchimia, which promises to revolutionize the industry, will be part of this VIP area, where the AWE (Alchimia Wall Element) will be showcased within beautiful décor, surrounded by the most creative design pieces.

Masterly – The Dutch in Milano is renowned for bringing together the best of Dutch design, creativity, and innovation. The pavilion provides an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their latest projects to an international audience. VBH is one of the fortunate companies selected to participate, and we are excited to showcase Alchimia to the world.

With its unique blend of technology and design, Alchimia promises to change the way we think about product design. We look forward to sharing this revolutionary project with visitors to the Milan Design Week and hope that it inspires new ideas and creativity in architecture and interior design.

Alchimia Press Release