VBH Unveils Alchimia for Yachts and Immersive Experience at Monaco Yacht Show 2023

VBH Unveils Alchimia for Yachts and Immersive Experience at Monaco Yacht Show 2023

Get ready for the most awaited event in the yachting industry – the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) 2023! And VBH is all set to steal the limelight. We’re not just participating; we’re unveiling groundbreaking innovations that will reshape the way you look at yacht design.

VBH has always been at the forefront of luxury technology integration in superyachts, but this year, we’re taking it up a notch.

Introducing Alchimia for Yachts

Traditionally, designing superyachts meant balancing aesthetics with technology. Displays, speakers, and interfaces, while essential, often disrupted the visual harmony of these luxurious interiors.

Enter Alchimia by VBH, a game-changing concept that seamlessly merges technology with creative design. It’s no longer about adding gadgets; it’s about making technology an integral part of the design, enhancing spaces with elegance and sophistication.

Jeroen van den Hurk, CEO of VBH, says, “In the world of yachting, where clients seek the highest level of elegance and perfection, settling for ‘standard’ is not an option. Alchimia makes technology an integral part of the creative design stage, liberating us from the limitations of standardization and opening doors to an era of invention and pioneering design!”.

The name “Alchimia” symbolizes our transformative journey, reflecting the alchemist’s philosophy of turning base metals into gold.

Experience the Future at MYS Immersive Experience by VBH

But that’s not all. We’re partnering with MYS, and several yacht architects, designers, and shipyards, to present the Immersive Experience, an extraordinary portal where yacht designs come to life. It’s not just a showcase of the latest designs in a 3D environment; it’s an invitation to envision the future of yacht design.

This immersive journey takes you into the heart of yacht design innovation, inviting MYS attendees and future yacht owners to rethink their approach to yacht design, and providing them with the opportunity to explore various designs as if they were physically onboard.

Alchimia is integrated into projects, showing how technology and aesthetics can seamlessly merge to create extraordinary experiences.

Join Us at MYS

We invite you to join us at MYS from September 27th to 30th, 2023, at the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub. Come and see how VBH and Alchimia are redefining the future of yacht design. It’s a world where technology and design converge, where innovation knows no bounds.

The future of yacht design begins with your vision, and we can’t wait to meet with you. Get in touch for more information or to schedule a consultation during the event. We’ll see you at MYS 2023!